Buy your advance copy of ‘Hold Still’ now

August 9, 2013

hold-still-200My fourth poetry collection, Hold Still, a full-length book at 73 pages, is coming out soon from Main Street Rag. It will be released in March 2014, but you can buy an advance copy at a discounted price of $9 plus shipping for a limited time if you order from the online bookstore at the link above and pay with PayPal. The regular price is $14. (You can also order with a credit card, but the discount isn’t much.) If I sell enough advance copies, the release date will be moved up. The link also takes you to sample poems.

If you’re local and would rather buy a signed copy from me, that’s fine. I’ll have a book release party and some exciting readings coming up, and I’ll share details when I have them. I hope to see many of you in the audience!

Hold Still means the world to me. Writing the poems helped me survive cancer, and I’m tickled that the publisher used a photo I took for the cover. I was learning to operate my fancy camera from work and went to the lake near my house to practice. I sat in the road to shoot a close-up of an agapanthus flower and a bee happened by. I am awfully fond of that bee!

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